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Welcome to the website for St. Bede Catholic Parish, Chadwell Heath, Essex, we hope that what you access here will point you to Christ our Saviour and Lord.

St Bede Parish is a vibrant, multi-cultural, enthusiastic and diverse Catholic community which seeks to serve God in and through our service of each other and all those with whom we interact. We trust you will find here useful information about our parish, the Catholic way of life and encouragement in your own faith.

Please use the form on the Contacts Page if you would like to leave a comment or seek further information. Thank you for visiting our website which we hope will be of interest and service to you.

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

And the love of God

And the fellowship of The Holy Spirit

Be with us all evermore.



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Pope Francis teaches ....

Evil in the world does not come from God, but from His enemy, the devil. This enemy is astute; he has sown evil amidst the good, so that it is impossible for man to clearly separate the two; but God, in the end, will do so. Often we are hasty to judge, classify and sort the good from the bad. God, on the other hand, knows how to wait. He looks at each person's life with patience and mercy. He sees, far better than we do, the dirt and the evil, but He also sees the seeds of good and waits confidently for them to mature. God is patient, He knows how to wait. The attitude of the master is that of hope, based on the certainty that evil has neither the first nor the last word. Thanks for God's patient hope but beware, evangelical patience is not indifference to evil. One must not confuse good and evil! Faced with evil in the world, the Lord's disciple is called to imitate God's patience, to nurture hope with the support of an unshakeable faith in the final victory of good, of God. In the end, we will all be judged by the same yardstick with which we ourselves have judged: the mercy we have shown to others will be used also with us. Let us ask Our Lady, our Mother, to help us to grow in patience, hope and mercy.

India Project

Although the parish council decided some time ago to discontinue support for of this charity, Fr. Martin still privately raises funds for the Project he established himself in 1987. He is grateful for the donations given by a number of individuals and is very willing to provide information to any parishioners who would like to learn more and maybe join him in supporting it.

The Church Garden is ablaze with colour

Parishioners, visitors and neighbours comment on all the time. One neighbour said “ thank you for giving such a beautiful gift to the community.”  

We are indebted to  the band of dedicated volunteers whose work beautifies our church and gives so much pleasure to so many people.

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS)

Is designed for people who are engaged in the communication of their Catholic Faith, whether directly or indirectly. It is open to catechists, people involved in liturgical work and other interested adults.

The CCRS can provide general theological knowledge and offer a better understanding of the Catholic faith. It will help participants to increase their practical application of the faith in their ministry in the Church. It provides the means to accurately and effectively

communicate the principles of Catholic teaching.

More details about start dates, fees and your nearest centre visit the CCRS Website

or 0207 901 1900

Fr. Andrew Hurley RIP

Kindly remember Fr. Andrew in your prayers. His Requiem Mass and funeral will take place at the Cathedral Brentwood on Wednesday at 12.00 noon.

May he rest in peace

St. Bede Primary School

The Headteacher and his staff will attend the 9.00am Mass on Wednesday morning to invoke God’s blessing on the new Academic Year. Please join us if you can.

GAZA Relief Appeal

The Parish has sent a donation of £500 to CAFOD's GAZA Relief Appeal